Build Sheets For Classic Vehicles

Classic Decoder gives you the best deal for build sheets and you can see all there is to know in any classic car’s build sheet.Explore the rich history of vintage classic vehicles with our comprehensive Build Sheets. Unlock the factory build details, model specifications, and fascinating insights by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN). Discover the hidden stories behind your cherished classic automobiles.

What is classic build sheet?

What is Classic Build Sheet?

Before the evolution of automated vehicle production, line workers use a piece of a document called the build sheet which acts as a checklist to ensure every feature is added properly, in modern times window stickers encompass all the major information on a build sheet

Benefits Of A Classic Build Sheet

On the glance pricing information

Aid the confirmation of technical specifications

Custom build sheets to increase brand awareness

Law-abiding dealerships to use Monroney stickers

View Sample Classic Build Sheet

1963 DodgePolara 500 Convertible

Listed for on

1967 PontiacCatalina

Listed for on

1950 OldsmobileSeries 98

Listed for on

What You Will Find In A Build Sheet?

Engine Specifications

Standard Equipment


Original Base Price

System Specifications

Interior/Exterior Color

Wheels, Rims & Tires



How Build Sheet Can Help You?

As a Car Buyer

As a Car Seller

As a Car Dealer

What a Classic Car Build Sheet Will Not Tell You?

While a classic car’s build sheet offers valuable information about a vehicle’s factory build and specifications, there are certain aspects it typically does not provide. This includes details about the vehicle’s ownership history, maintenance records, accident reports, or any modifications made after the initial production. For such information, additional sources like classic vehicle history reports or personal documentation may be necessary. Use our classic vehicle history report tool to get in-depth details about any classic car you plan to purchase.

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Getting a build sheet for your classic car can provide valuable information about the vehicle’s specifications, options, and history. One of the best ways to get a build sheet for your classic car is to use Classic Decoder. This site provides detailed information about classic vehicles based on their VIN numbers, including build sheets that show the original specifications and options of the vehicle. To get a build sheet from Classic Decoder, simply enter the VIN number of your classic car into the site’s Build Sheet tool and click “Search”.
Yes, cars still have build sheets, although the format and availability of build sheets can vary depending on the manufacturer and the age of the vehicle. Build sheets are usually generated at the time of production and provide detailed information about the vehicle’s specifications, options, and build details.
Yes, you can get a build sheet from GM only for GM brand cars and trucks. But you can get build sheet for any make from Classic Decoder.
Visit classic decoder website, navigate to their build sheet tool from the top menu. Enter your vehicle VIN number and your email address to get the build sheet for any classic cars.