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Need to decode any classic car VIN number ranging from 5 to 13 VIN digits?  Enter VIN to get accurate vehicle specifications and history now.

Finding a Solution Hub for Accurate Classic Car Data

Forget the DMV, NMVTIS, NHTSA and other prominent vehicle information providers like Carfax and AutoCheck. More than 95% of them are not equipped with the necessary tools to provide classic car information and records.

It’s even worse to discover that only a small fraction of the few classic car data providers are able to accurately decode a classic VIN for the vehicle details and probably the history records.

From our research of over 100 classic car forum sites, about 99% of the users looking for information about a classic car they just bought or planning to buy were redirected to search elsewhere to find details about their cars. Forum sites were their only hope, but now they have to look further.

At ClassicDecoder, our automotive data collection experts left no stone unturned and had classic car shoppers and enthusiasts in mind when they developed the world’s first-in-industry classic car solution hub. The tools available in this hub include the classic VIN decoder, classic car VIN lookup tool and the classic build sheet by VIN.

Are you looking for details about any classic car manufactured as way back as 1910 – 1975? or do you need to unlock details and records about any pre 1980 cars? Look no further than ClassicDecoder classic car data solution hub.

Trust us! If you can’t get what you’re looking for here, then you have no chance of getting it elsewhere. So, stay with us.

No Cost - Free Classic VIN Check

Classic Car VIN Decoder

Every car, both modern and old cars, has a unique serial number used to identify it. Just like the human fingerprint, no two cars can have the same VIN numbers. The VIN usually contains both letters and numbers. However, some classic car VIN can contain only numbers. Moreover, classic car VINs are not standardized and each manufacturer just assigns any VIN length. As a result, classic car VIN numbers can range from 5 to 13 digits. You may even be surprised to see less or more than this range. Unlike the modern 17-digit VIN, the difference in VIN length has made classic car VIN decoding to really be challenging for those who deal with them – dealers, buyers, car insurance, DMV officials (during car registration).  Don’t think too far. Decoding a classic VIN is easier than you can ever imagine. With our classic VIN decoder, you can instantly obtain details about the vehicle specifications, transmission, engine and more, at no cost. The information provided include:
  • Vehicle Specifications (year, make, model)
  • Transmission
  • Fuel type and capacity
  • Engine information (type, cylinder, displacement, torque)
  • Drive type
  • No of doors
  • No of gears
  • Axle type
  • Body measurement (Weight, length, width, height, wheelbase)
  • Tyre treads (front and rear)
  • Our classic VIN decoding is completely free. Simply provide details in the form above to get started

    Classic Car VIN Lookup or VIN Check

    Every used car has a history, including classic cars. Conducting a classic car VIN search can help uncover the past records of any pre 1981 cars but unlike the modern vehicle identification numbers, this may involve a specialized tool to access these records. When considering the purchase of a classic car, conducting proper research is vital. Obtaining a classic car VIN history report is an essential step that can provide valuable insights into the classic car’s background.  The classic car history report contains important information, such as accident records, loan and lien information and more crucial data that aid in making informed decisions or gaining a better understanding of your classic vehicle. By getting a classic car vehicle history, you gain access to the following exclusive information:
  • Sales History: view past transactions, including ownership changes, accidents, repairs, and mileage. Make informed decisions
  • Lien/loan records: verify any outstanding payments that are yet to be fully paid. Avoid legal matters or the car being repossessed.
  • Title History: verify title brand (salvage, rebuilt etc), ownership, liens, and legal status. Prevent fraud, and ensure a clean title.
  • Auction records: Find out if the car has been previously listed for sale at auction, access 10+ photos of the car.
  • Odometer records: access car mileage over time. Crucial for assessing wear and tear, estimating value, and detecting fraud.
  • Accident records: Find out if the car was involved in any collision in the past, including dates, locations, and damage. Aid safety analysis.
  • Theft records: verify if a vehicle was stolen and possibly recovered or not. Avoid hunting by the police or imprisonment.
  • Our classic VIN lookup is quite affordable.

    Why Use Our

    Free VIN Decoder

    Why Use Our Free VIN Decoder

    Where to Find the VIN on a pre 1980 Car

    Between 1968 and 1980, there was no official location of VIN as all manufacturers issued VINs independently for their vehicles. Between 1955 and 1967, the term “serial number” was used instead of “VIN” and there was no VIN uniformity. The VIN on any pre 1980 car can located in any of the following places:
  • On the dashboard
  • The driver-side door
  • The firewall inside the engine compartment, and
  • The VIN can also be found on vehicle documents including title records and insurance card
  • where to find vin number

    ClassicDecoder: Our Mobile App Solution

    While desktops and tablets contribute 33.95% to the global internet traffic, mobile phones account for approximately 66.05%. Therefore, at ClassicDecoder, we believe that developing a mobile app is a great way to extend our classic car data solution hub to as many users as possible across the globe. Our app is built with users and precision in mind. It holds the key to unlocking the history and details of any retro car at your fingertips. It also comes with some very exciting and user-friendly features that make it stand out from other mobile apps designed for this purpose. With the ClassicDecoder app, you can decode and lookup any classic VIN in a flash. Get access to accurate vehicle information and history, make an informed decision faster, buy and trade-in classic cars with confidence. Some of the unique features include:
  • Support all classic VIN length from 5 to 13 digits.
  • Support classic cars produced from 1910 – 1980.
  • Online Garage features – to add and manage your vehicles.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Easy on-boarding – for new users
  • Download now on the App Store and on Google Play

    How to use our VIN Decoding and VIN Lookup Services

    Follow these simple steps to get started with any of our services

    1. Go to the respective page service – VIN decoding or Classic car VIN check.
    2. Enter the VIN and provide other information into the form.
    3. Submit your entry to gain access.
    4. While our VIN decoding service is free, a little fee is charged to look up the vehicle history or get the build sheet.
    5. Review the results to make an informed decision on the car. Happy shopping.

    You can also create an account to enjoy our exclusive offers.


    Why Use Our Classic VIN Decoder

    The Benefits of Getting a Classic Vehicle History Report

    The benefits of getting classic vehicle data cannot be exhausted. Here are some compelling benefits of obtaining a Classic Vehicle History Report:

    1.  Fraud Prevention and Transparency:
      When buying a retro car, especially through private transactions, a history report helps protect you from potential fraud. It provides essential information about the vehicle’s past, including any hidden issues or discrepancies. By knowing the history upfront, you can make informed decisions and avoid surprises later on.
    2. Understanding What You’re Buying:
      A history report reveals crucial details about the classic car’s background. It includes data on accidents, title changes, and more. You’ll gain insights into whether the vehicle aligns with the seller’s claims and whether it has any branded titles or major issues.
    3. Validation of Title Information:
      The report ensures that the title information matches what the seller provides. You can verify purchase dates, and other relevant details. Knowing the accurate title history is essential for a smooth transaction and proper ownership transfer.
    4. Identifying Red Flags:
      Some DMV title events are considered “bad” and can impact a vintage car’s value or safety. These include brands like “Junk,” “Dismantled,” or “Salvage” without an accompanying “Rebuilt” brand. A history report highlights such events, allowing you to assess the vehicle’s condition and safety.
    5. Documenting Maintenance and Memories:
      Beyond buying and selling, a history report benefits current owners. It serves as a timeline, documenting maintenance work, repairs, and memories associated with the old car. Whether you’re a keeper or an enthusiast, having a comprehensive history adds value and enhances your connection with the vehicle.

    Our Business Solution

    Are you a business owner? Are you interested in our products and services? Explore how our solutions can help you scale up your auto-allied business setting you up for exponential growth!

    Classic Window Sticker for Businesses

    • Did you know that classic window stickers (build sheets) are time capsules, revealing the unique characteristics and specifications of any old car? Whether you’re a collector, restorer, or simply curious about automotive history, this document adds depth and authenticity to the classic car experience.

      A classic car build sheet is a fascinating tool that provides essential insights into how a specific vehicle was built when it left the factory. It can significantly enhance the value of an old car and makes your customers to be willing to pay a premium for it

    Decode Classic Manufacturers VIN

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To look up a 13-digit VIN, simply use the ClassicDecoder VIN Decoder tool. This allows you to enter a VIN and access information about the vehicle, such as the make, model, year of manufacture and more.

    Classic Decoder is unarguably the best VIN check for old cars. This first-in-industry tool provides detailed information about classic vehicles based on their VIN numbers, including engine type, and other important specifications. With a large database of classic vehicles, Classic Decoder is able to provide accurate and reliable information about any old car history.

    To decode or lookup an old car VIN, you will need to use a VIN decoder tool, especially the one provided by ClassicDecoder. The tool will allow you to enter the VIN and provide you with information about the car’s make, model, year, engine, body style, and history. Unlike modern cars, information on a vintage car cannot be retrieved using the license plate number.

    ClassicDecoder. The accuracy of the information provided by ClassicDecoder is a result of its commitment to sourcing information from reputable sources and its use of advanced technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate classic VIN check tool and the history of your old car, Classic Decoder is an excellent choice.

    No. Carfax does not provide reports for cars built pre 1981. You cannot get Carfax reports for these categories of automobiles.