Classic Decoder’s Business Program

Simplifying automotive business operations with cutting edge technology and peerless products:

Classic Decoder – an industry first to nail down the toughest VIN decoding – VIN decoding for pre-1980 cars. We empower businesses to help grow & improve their ROI with classic VIN decoding technology, detailed vehicle history reports and accurate buildsheets or window stickers for old cars to cater their customers & end-users.

Classic Decoder- industry first accurate classic VIN decoding, detailed vehicle history & build sheet provider

How Our Business Program Will Benefit Your Business?

Purchase right vehicles for your inventory with auction & accident information

Offering buyers vehicle history & build sheets to sell smartly & quickly

Add vehicle reports & buildsheets to your online & offline inventory

Co-branding and white-labeling our technology & products as per your needs

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Smart Solution

higher chances of selling a vehicle with a window sticker


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Our Products & Services

Classic VIN Decoding

For automotive businesses we offer free classic VIN decoding to get specifications of old cars. Access year, make, model, series, engine, dimensions, MSRP, and more with classic VIN decoder. Sign up to get started today or book a meeting with us to discuss your specific business needs related to classic VIN decoding.

Bulk Pricing Packages

Need vehicle history reports & classic window stickers in bulk? We offer bulk pricing packages for vehicle history reports & window stickers for classic vehicles. Get the best package that suits your business needs. Sign up to get started or book a meeting with us to get a custom solution tailored for your business needs.

White Labeling

We offer businesses a white label service that allows them to provide products & services to their customers without any development hassle. We offer reports, window stickers and VIN decoding for classic vehicles. Offer these services under your brand to provide products to your customers. Get in touch with us today to discuss your business needs.

Custom Web/Mobile App

We built mobile & web applications for business at flat rates. Not just that, businesses can white label the applications. Either your business needs an application for window stickers, vehicle reports or VIN decoding or it requires custom development. We are here to serve you with custom mobile and web app design & development.

Our customized & branded products

Our customized and branded Classic Vehicle History Report and Classic Build sheet enable dealers and businesses to customize a report or buildsheet to their specific needs. We gather information from reliable sources and generate it with accuracy.

vehicle history report

Customised & Branded History Report

classic car build sheet

Customised & Branded Build Sheet

Our Business Program Vs Competitors

Classic Decoder Competitors
Our Products are relatively cheap Our competitors provide it for the double price.
We are available internationally. Our competitors are banned in certain countries
Our history reports include auction image and history when available Our competitors do not provide auction data
We are available 24/7 for live chat support Our competitors do not offer live chat service
We offer unlimited VIN Lookup for dealer partners Our competitors do not have such program
We offer customized window sticker generation Our competitors do not provide this feature

Join Classic Decoder Business Program Today

Get best products & services, enjoy the unlimited free VIN decoding, bulk pricing packages and get more data on classic vehicles with Classic Decoder Business Program


Classic cars are those vehicles that are considered valuable to collectors today because of their design, engineering, performance, or rarity.

They are generally classified as pre-1960s vehicles and are sought after by private collectors for restoration or as vintage showpieces.

Classic VIN Decoder is both a brand name and a tool, as a brand it is a business which offers its clients the unique ability to decode classic VINs and access detailed vehicle history reports

To run the VIN number of a classic vehicle, you need to click over to a classic vehicle VIN decoder like ours, enter your 13-digit or less VIN number and you will get all the information you need.