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How Do I Decode A Classic VIN?

Find VIN


Find classic VIN on the body of the vehicle, paper works, steering column, or firewall. We should show on classic where VIN is found

Enter VIN


Input the VIN on the form fields alongside, your e-mail and phone number

Access vehicle data

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Click on ‘Get Records’ to access vehicle specifications, history report, and build sheet or save your car in the garage to know more about a pre-1980 car i.e recalls and market value


Our Products

Classic Vehicle History

You can now access detailed vehicle history reports for classic vehicles of hundreds of classic vehicle manufacturers.

Classic Build Sheet

Gain access to the reproduced classic build sheets to know more about the vehicles

Classic VIN Decoder

With Classic VIN Decoder you can run a VIN check on any 5-13 digit VIN.

Classic VIN Decoder

Lets build Your Garage & Manage Your Vehicles gives a platform for classic car owners, enthusiasts and businesses to build their own garage. Simply get started by adding vehicles to garage, view the details of your vehicle, get  vehicle reports or buildsheets, add documents & files and more.

Add vehicles by VIN or Year, Make & Model

Simply enter a VIN or year,make,model and then add a vehicle to your garage

Store your photos

Maintain the image records of your car to share when you are ready for selling

Keep your files & documents in one place

Upload documents like titles, service records, registration records and other important files

Get buildsheet or vehicle history reports

Get buildsheets or vehicle history reports of classic vehicles and keep them on your garage to maintain its detail and history.

Challenges associated with Classic cars

How Classic Decoder Solved It

Challenges associated with Classic cars & How Classic Decoder Solved It

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Classic VIN decoding
Classic Vehicle History
Classic Window Sticker
Fast & accurate VIN decoding for under 17 digits VINs
Classic Vehicle Recalls
Classic Vehicle Value

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Classic Decoder - Decode Classic Car VIN for FREE!

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Classic cars are those vehicles that are considered valuable to collectors today because of their design, engineering, performance, or rarity.

They are generally classified as pre-1960s vehicles and are sought after by private collectors for restoration or as vintage showpieces.

A classic VIN decoder is a tool that decodes classic or old cars with VIN numbers containing the vehicle’s make, model, engine and transmission type, production year and location, and title history. Classic Decoder is a great example of an old car VIN decoder. 

To run the VIN number of a classic vehicle, you need to click over to a classic vehicle VIN decoder like ours, enter your 13-digit or less VIN number and you will get all the information you need.

Classic cars have VIN numbers but because the classification system was not standardized until the early 80s, you find out that it does not contain all 17 characters and may not be found in the usual location.

The Antique Automobile Club of America notes classics must be older than 25 years (with cars over 45 years old known as antiques).

Decode Classic Manufacturers VIN